No matter the endeavor, it takes hard work to achieve your goals. Long hours spent practicing, training and preparing are necessary for a successful match, fight and day. My Gun Tips brings together renowned instructors to provide an extensive and unique knowledge library that you get instant and unlimited access to when you subscribe. If that’s not enough, we’re always adding new content by releasing at least one new video each and every week.

Though only 26 years old, B.J. Norris has already earned a spot among the best competitive action shooters in the world. B.J. started shooting and competing when he was 11 years old, and advanced quickly to win 4 USPSA National Junior titles, earning a Gold Medal with the US National team in 2008, and winning the prestigious World Speed Shooting Championship in 2011. Now a member of the Wilson Combat Shooting team, B.J. has branched out into 3 Gun, competing in both Outlaw matches and the 3 Gun Nation Pro Tour.

While well known for his multiple titles in IDPA, many people don’t realize that Ernest Langdon spent several years as Marine Corps firearms instructor. With a main focus on handguns and concealed carry for Marines and State Department personnel, Ernest’s students will benefit from his unique skill set to improve their skills for personal defense. Visit his website for his class schedule!

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