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leather gun holsters

One of the immediate things to do after you have obtained your concealed carry permit, is to buy a holster for your gun. A leather gun holster is an essential piece of gear, and acts as the interface between the gun and your body. Leather gun holster secures your gun, and ensures that it stays in your possession. It protects the trigger, thereby minimizing the chance of accident trigger contact from your fingers or foreign objects. It also helps you to draw your gun effectively by presenting the gun in a safe position. Gun owners look for various other features in the holster such as, concealment, access etc.

People spend hours researching on different types of holsters before selecting the right one. There are many factors that you should consider when purchasing a holster for your gun. The size of your gun, purpose of your gun, your body shape and your build are some of the factors. A holster must strike a balance between accessibility and concealment, but should also be comfortable to wear it as you like.

There are many different varieties of leather gun holsters out in the market for carrying and concealing your firearm. Below are some of the types that helps you choose one for your gun,

Leather Hip Holsters

These are the most common leather gun holsters, which are easy to conceal, and enables fast draw. They can be primarily OWB (outside the waistband) or IWB (inside the waistband). Usually, belts are needed for hip holsters. These gun belts are more thick and stiff than the normal belts.

OWB Holsters attaches to the belt, and rides outside the pants, whereas IWB holsters fits between the pants and the body. Mostly the setup of holster and gun is situated on the dominant hand side, but they can also on the opposite side for cross-draw.

Leather Shoulder Holsters

These come in a set usually, and has leather straps that crosses over your shoulders and back. The gun holster and spare magazine carriers hang on the opposite sides of the body. The only way you can cover these shoulder holsters is by wearing an overcoat or a jacket. These can be either horizontal (for most common firearms) or vertical (for large caliber revolvers).

Ankle Holsters

These are specially used for smaller guns like compact or sub-compact pistols and revolvers, and are generally used for carrying backup firearms. The holster pocket straps around with a padded elastic leg strap closure for easy adjustment. You wrap the holster around your ankle, and the gun straps to your ankle.

Other types of Holsters

Some of the other common types of leather gun holsters include pocket holsters, clothing holsters and small-of-the-back holsters. As the name suggest, the pocket holsters and small-of-the-back holsters are made for small guns, which are very easy to conceal. Clothing holsters are new coming of age holsters, in which the jackets and vests have holster pockets, so that you conceal your gun on the go.

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